Clockwork crochet

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Dress – no-label vintage from Blackout II in London; Shoes – Alberta Ferretti; Sunglasses – Dior; Bag – Louis Vuitton.

Having spent most of our time downtown on this trip, we decided to spend our last day in Miami near Ocean Drive exploring and people-watching. As much as I love museums and galleries, I often think you can tell more about the current culture of a place, particularly a city, by browsing the streets and watching people wander by. Sitting back and observing is particularly rewarding in Miami beach, as there is never a dull moment. Everything is showy and everyone seems upbeat. I thought this would be the perfect place to wear this not-exactly understated dress (no label) that I found in a vintage store in Covent Garden, London. I’ve always loved short dresses with long sleeves (I wish I’d been around in the 60s!) and I had to buy this ridiculously cute crochet example when I saw it. I didn’t want to make the whole thing too theme-y with flats, so I matched the dress with some snake-skin heels by Alberta Ferretti. n.b. My mum informs me that in Italy they call open-backed shoes Sabot shoes but in English and French apparently this means clog?! What would you call this style of shoe?

Criss Cross

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Bikini – Anna Club by La Perla; Sunglasses – Dior; Arm-band – Urbania 

After A LOT of sightseeing (and, inevitably, some shopping) on our first day in Miami, we took it a little easier the next day and chilled at the hotel pool. Since I kept going on about how walking around Miami felt like being in a movie, we decided to do a little film-noir inspired bikini shoot – hope you like the pics!
Anna Club by La Perla seem to mainly make swimwuits now, but I first discovered it when I borrowed (yet to be returned) my aunt’s dress from when she worked in a clothing boutique in Italy in the 70s. This bikini is from their 2014 collection and I thought it would be perfect for these photos. I love the layered, shell-like bikini top. It is quite a classic design and the unusual metallic colour gives it some edge. I found the arm band from a store in Brick Lane in London. I love ethnic-style jewellery if I can’t get my hands on the real thing but even the commercial stuff can be expensive. Urbania has some really cute, unique jewellery at a very affordable price.

Miami heat

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Top – Diesel Industry; Shorts – Chloe; Shoes – Mollini; Sunglasses – Moschino; Bag – Louis Vuitton (all vintage)

This wasn’t my first time in Miami – I think it was my fourth. Considering that I’ve always wanted to visit, it’s strange to have now been there so many times in such a short space of time.Since moving to the Caribbean, Miami has been the go-to place for connections to pretty much everywhere, including islands that are quite nearby, so it’s a good thing I like it so much! Continue reading Miami heat

And she wore…

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Bikini – Made by Dawn; Sunglasses – Prada; Earrings – souvenir from Portugal; Lipstick – Sephora

Location: Tortola, BVI

I like the idea of accessorising a bikini as an outfit in itself, rather than just wearing it for tanning and swimwear. Something about the blue velvet of this one (Made by Dawn) makes you feel like you’re wearing something more glamorous than the usual nylon bikini – even if fundamentally it’s still just two bits of material covering up the essentials! The bralette shape of the top and low bottoms are really flattering but I get the sense this bikini is intended as a more romantic statement piece, rather than just being sexy or functional beachgear. The material is really soft, dries surprisingly quickly, and looks amazing in the sunlight, which makes me wonder why more swimsuits aren’t made with velvet! I couldn’t resist matching this look with red lipstick and earrings similar to the ones that Isabella Rossellini wears in Blue Velvet – one of my all-time favourite movies.

San Juan

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Dress – Dante e Maria COTONE MODA; Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabbana; Bag – Fendi; Shoes – Taccetti; Jacket – Jean Paul Gaultier 

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico: another island! I evidently don’t like to be landlocked. We thought we’d skip the beaches this time though (shock horror) and hit the capital, San Juan, instead. The centre, Old San Juan, is a cobblestoney maze of confetti-coloured buildings. Even the cobblestones themselves – made from blue and silver stone – are colourful. Typically Caribbean with its flower-adorned houses and ocean view, its pretty piazzas and ridiculously well-maintained Spanish Colonial architecture also give it (unsurprisingly), a really European feel. It’s a Caribbean/European/American city-paradise!

I love this silk slip/dress from Italian company Dante e Maria; it’s so easy and simple that it meant I could get away with wearing it with this crazy jacket from JPG. I matched it with some orange/bronze heels from Taccetti – another Italian company, which seriously makes the most beautiful shoes ever. Loving the giant bows!

South of Zabriskie


Bikini – Yamamay; Sunglasses – vintage Ray Ban; Cuff – souvenir from Anegada.

Location – Anegada, BVI

One way to get rid of island fever is, naturally, to go and visit another island. Welcome to Anegada, one of the weirdest and most beautiful places I have ever been. Half swamp, half milky-blue Caribbean paradise, it is an eerily deserted and ridiculously cool place. We got there on the tiniest propeller plane ever, which for someone with a morbid fear of flying, (yes I realise this is also a travel blog!) was pretty intense. I even got to fly the plane for a terrifying 10 seconds! The pics were taken on Cow Wreck beach, where a ship carrying cow bones sank last century. Told you it was eerie!

I love the sleekness of this bikini from Yamamay. It’s sporty yet stylish as well as being a really unique design. I also love the pale blue and gold as a colour combination. Very Seventies. The material is slightly shimmery which looks lovely in the sun and looks great against a tan. I matched it with some seventies-looking gold vintage Ray Bans and a mother-of-pearl cuff I found on Anegada.

Dolce Salsedine

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One-piece – American Apparel; Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabbana; Bracelet – Sodini 

Location: Tortola – BVI

Who said one-pieces couldn’t be sexy? Hmm probably no-one ever, but a solid black one-piece doesn’t exactly sound earth-shatteringly exciting and seeing this on a rack/online really doesn’t do this swimsuit justice. The ultra-high cut at the ‘waist??’ makes a seemingly ordinary one-piece really sexy. The in-built underwire bra gives support and acts as push-up too! The straps adjust too making it all in all a really well-made swimsuit. I’m so in love with it I’m really tempted to order it in pink too but..must..resist. The look reminded me of Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita so I accesorized with some tortoise-shell Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and a chunky solid white bracelet.